SUSMILE Consortium meeting in Bologna

The SUSMILE team has gathered once again the 31st of May and 1st of June in Bologna, Italy, marking the halfway point of the project. All partners of the Consortium participated there, including AFT from France, CISITA and ITL from Italy, CLA and NVF from Czech Republic and Ikasplay, Prospektiker and MLC from Spain, being MLC the partner coordinator of the Consortium.

The aim of the meeting was to agree upon the final details of the eLearning modules developed by all partners, and to discuss and agree on the serious game. The final part of the two days was dedicated to the overall management, such as quality of the deliverable and dissemination of the results.

The meetings proved to be very efficient and successful, guiding us toward the last steps of the eLearning modules, assuring coherence and taking care of the final details. We also shared the most important elements of the serious game mechanics, making sure the basic elements of the game are agreed upon.

The testing phase starts now also, so keep in touch with our socials (FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn) if you want to be a part of it!