The SUSMILE project is ready for the first external review!

The SUSMILE European project, coordinated by the Basque Mobility and Logistics Cluster, is in its 12 months of execution and the results of these months of work are already visible. The project has been financed by the European Commission trough the SEPIE (Spanish National Agency for International Education). The SUSMILE project has two digital training tools that will be available in a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): an e-Learning Module and a serious video game.

The e-Learning Module will have more than 60 training capsules organize in three main Chapters. Once these contents has been tested in a partners cross-chapters review, in middle June 2022, the first external testing round will be launched, which will last until mid-July.

The testing will be carried out in a controlled manner, and teachers from different VET schools will participate. These centers already showed their support in collaborating in this phase in the preparation of the project proposal.

In order to test the material, the project already has its MOOC SUSMILE platform in which the members of the consortium have uploaded all the material. This material, organized in capsules, deals with specific topics of sustainable last mile logistics such as                  the actors involved in the Last Mile Delivery; types of products to be distributed; B2B or B2C distribution models; types of media and/or vehicles to be used; the environmental impact they generate; tools that help its economic and environmental efficiency…

Once the first testing phase has been completed, the consortium will proceed to adjust the developed material and translate it from English into Spanish, French, Italian and Czech. In this way, the material will be then ready for a second review. The second external review, will take place in October-November 2022, and in addition to the e-Learning Module, the SUSMILE video game will also be tested; the second digital material of the project.