Which topics on sustainable last mile logistics should our SUSMILE eLearning course include? Give us your feedback!

The SUSMILE project has the aim of developing an eLearning course on MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), focused on sustainable last mile logistics. The MOOC will contain two main tools. On the one hand, a block consisting of e-Learning modules and an adaptive learning kit to help the user acquire key knowledge in sustainable last mile logistic; and on the other hand, a serious game in which the player can apply the knowledge acquired through the eLearning.

The Consortium has identified 15 knowledge areas to be included in the training material to be developed, focused on two main sections: Organising last mile logistic flows in an urban context and Applying sustainable approach to Last Mile Delivery.

In this context, we would like to ask for your collaboration to help us to identify the topics to be prioritized. Do you think that we are missing some other important topics?  Please, take 5 minutes to answer to the next questionnaire.

Access the Survey here.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration!